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Come Back Early Today
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 Amazon_4-Stars by DrJunior

Excellent exposure to this tragedy  |  Posted: 9.13.2013
Written from the author’s viewpoint, it shares her struggle to cope with the changes in the mentality of her loved one as the ravages of this disease invaded his mind and body. This would offer insights for all those challenged by a loved one’s affliction of any mental decline or dementia, not just Alzheimer’s Disease. Each person, however, is affected in their own way, and this shared course of the disease is by no means a given for another individual.


 by IRENE T.

I loved this book  |  Posted: 8.25.2013
I loved this book. made me cry several times. I could see myself and my husband in this same situation. I loved him very much and he had Dementia and a good bit younger than me. So many things I could relate to. I learned a lot. Thanks alot


 by Belle Epoch

A Good Read!  |  Posted: 8.23.2013
Heartbreaking. Uplifting. Real. A haunting account of one man’s journey with Alzheimer’s and the experiences of his caregiver/lover/soulmate as well.


 by slcassic

Caregiver guide and love story told in a compelling manner  |  Posted: 8.22.2013
You could almost substitute another disease or circumstance in this story and still have a wonderful love story. By the end of the book, I felt I knew Marie, and “Kitty.” I learned from her experience, and I was validated in my own challenges and experiences with care-giving for my life partner.Very well written narrative, entertaining and moving. Not a dry how to handbook.


 by Cyn

must reAD |  Posted: 7.25.2013
This is one of those the books that even months after being read you will not forget, you cry and learn about this disease that robs your time.
The story makes the protagonist a real hero and my heart breaks for her but at the same time admire her strength. You will not be dissapointed.


 by Gretchen L. Davey “mad stamper”

A Glimpse into the World of Dementia  |  Posted: 7.23.2013
My mother is in the downward spiral of dementia and spending time with her can be both frustrating and bewildering. It was hard hearing words like, “I don’t care if you’re tired; I’m glad!” This book brings a bit of understanding to what’s going on. Dr. Marley’s emotional journey brings you along on the ride, while being informative, too. Her experiences as the caregiver of someone with dementia made me want my father to read this book, to see ways to deal with this thankless and exhausting job.


Amazon_4-Stars by cj

Book arrived in good condition; packed well & on time  |  Posted: 7.20.2013
This book was a very good read. Took a little longer than I planned because it is very emotional. If you are experiancing a similar situation w/your family member, it will be very emotional.


 by Caril Price

Very very good read  |  Posted: 7.18.2013
Even though I put off reading this non fiction book for months,it was well worth the wait. Other than the author’s constant reminder of the age difference between her and the love of her life which was constantly annoying, the book was informative, enlightening,enjoyable and entertaining.


 by Janet A. Moore “janet”

Great Book  |  Posted: 6.17.2013
Great book. Very sensitive and has good advice for someone who has a loved one with dementia. I plan to share this one with a friend who “lost” her husband to Alzheimer’s Disease. I loved the giving of a stuffed animal and his response. Nice!


 by Betty L. Harrison

A heart-tugging story of love and dedication  |  Posted: 6.03.2013
The story is a captivating one of the true meaning of love between two people who spent their lives together in site of age and cultural differences. Alzheimer’s became the unwelcome focus of their lives, and Marie shares some wonderful examples of how to care for a person and provide continued value to their lives. If you think there might be someone near or dear to you who has Alzheimer’s, I suggest reading this book. It gives some good perspectives on love and caring and some excellent “tips” on things to look for if/when one needs to move the loved one out of their home and into assisted living.


 by Amy NY1

Marie Marley  |  Posted 5.18.2013
I started to read Marie’s blogs online paragraphs from her book . It was a lovely story about love in the truest form .Unconditionally , brave humorous at times laughing with . A journey with Alzheimer’s . A romance that endures time and illness !


 by Tinky Weisblat

An Inspiring Tale… and a Useful One  |  Posted: 5.08.2013
arie Marley’s story of Alzheimer’s and love is touching and ultimately heartening. In the book’s early pages Ed, her life partner, acts more and more erratically and irrationally. At first Marley expresses the anger and denial many Alzheimer’s caregivers feel. As time goes by, however, she learns to deal with the situation–and to love the “new” Ed without forgetting the old one. Eventually, both partners learn to embrace the joys each moment offers. Marley’s journey provides life lessons for dementia patients, caregivers, and others dealing with stressful situations.


 by T Rose

A Love Story About “Luggages” of Life  |  Posted: 3.22.2013
Marie Marley’s life of trials and triumphs took the exact path to lead her as she supported her dear Ed through the process of Alzheimer’s. Because of their relationship, she knew how to make his path as smooth as it could possibly be. Marie describes how much she was in denial that this was happening to Ed, but compassion and devotion directed her steps, even in her stress. I climbed inside of and lived this love story; thank you for writing it.


 by Sylvia Coles

Helpful Guide  |  Posted: 3.11.2013
As someone whose partner is now experiencing dimentia, it was a helpful guide in how best to care for him as well as myself.


  by Mike

Rollercoaster  |  Posted: 3.05.2013
This is an amazing memoir of love, happiness, tragedy, and life. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel the “warm” moments of life.


 by Harry Mitchell

Good insight into the progression of Alzheimer’s  |  Posted: 2.19.2013
Unlike other storys about Alzheimer’s this is not about early onset. But like all of these types of story’s it is a love story. This is a story, a true story, about how a caregiver that does not live with the person with Alzheimer’s copes. It also a good insight into how the disease progresses


 by maureen from california

Posted:  1.02.2013
Sad, funny and inspirational story. As someone coping with a loved ones dementia this book really hit home. Thank you Marie for sharing your story.


Five Stars!  by Cynthia Jacobsen

Thank you!!!!  |  Posted: 1.01.2013
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The information is “spot on” and the reading is easy flowing. The author invites the reader into a very personal experience which is easy to follow and understand.

My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimers and having read this memoir, I am able to accept and understand the different stages of this awful disease our family is experiencing. I have also been able to console my aunt and mother as they deal with my grandmother’s condition on a daily basis. Thank you, Marie Marley!!!!


Five Stars!  by Vicki A. Elgin

Fantastic book  |  Posted: 12.24.2012
I dif so enjoy this book and felt it tug at my heart. It touches on the pain dementia causes the caregiver but in a sweet lovely way. How she holds on to the good times. She shows that some times you need to look out for yourself. I have done some work with these patients and it has good times as well as bad.


  gloria johnson

Wonderful Information  |  Posted: 12.24.2012
My mother has Alzheimer’s, and it really helped me to understand the process of this disease. I recommend it to anyone with a friend or family member to help them cope. My sister recommended it to me.


  by LadySLR

Come Back Early Today: A Memoir of Love, Alzheimer’s and Joy  |  Posted:  12.11.2012
I loved this book. It reminded me of my own story of being involved with a wonderful man, who was older than I, who was highly educated himself, who I shared many happy years with. Sadly, he ended the relationship once he became aware of his diagnosis, I believe now out of love for me because he knew that it would have broken my heart to watch him die this slow death. He passed away three years ago. I miss him and yet reading this story, there were so many similiarites between this story and my own personal life. Now, sadly, I am watching my dear mother go through some of the things that are mentioned in the book as well. I really enjoyed this book because it spoke to me. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who has a loved one with Alzheimer’s.


  by Tonya M English

Thank you  |  Posted: 12.07.2012
Having gone through loosing a family member with Alzheimer – i could relate to a lot of what Dr. Marley was going through. This book was very heartwarming, I shed a few tears while reading it. I do pray that as medicine advances, we are able to find a way to treat our loved ones so that the suffering is much less.


  by Susan

Empathy  |  Posted: 12.05.2012
I judge a book on my sense of involvement. If I want to read it in a sitting, I am enjoying it. Probably not a young person’s book, but I related to it and found it informative and compassionate


  by Mick Wells

Come Back Early Today: A Memoir of Love, Alzheimer’s and Joy  |  Posted: 12.05.2012
A poignant story of “the long goodbye” and a love that lasts through age differences and cultural differences. Beautiful and exemplary.


  by Always Reading

This book made me stop and think  |  Posted: 11.25.2012
I found this book very interesting since my father-in-law just died from complications due to Alzheimers. It was thought provoking in that there is significant age difference between the two main characters. I found it unique in that the gentleman always seemed so much younger than he really was. I also know how difficult it can be to take care of an adult who has this disease. My father-in-law was not as gentle as the main character and I found myself comparing the two. I also know the frustration that comes with taking care of a love one who is slowly slipping away from you. You know that the end is coming but don’t want to say “goodbye” but yet realize that this will release your loved one from their agony.


  by Bernadette De Leon

Very Good  |  Posted:  11.23.2012
This was a most interesting and enjoyable book. It tells of the heartache and joys a person feels when they they discover their loved one is suffering from alzheimers.


  by Sally Bridgham

Come Back Early Today  |  Posted: 11.21.2012
A wonderful love (not romance) story. A commentary on how a person can get through a terrible time and come out the other side richer. We are lucky that after “it’s over,” the good times are what we remember best.


  by Margaret M.

Informative and Inspirational  |  Posted: 11.09.2012
Since I’ve had volunteer experience with special training in caring for dementia/Alzheimers patients, I appreciated what this book had to offer. I got caught up in it at the start and found it to be informative, funny, sad, touching, and always interesting. Dr. Marley did a great job of relating what it is like to deal with a person who suffers from dementia. She started with the first symptoms and took us through to the heartbreaking finale. She showed us it is not an easy job, but there were ways to deal with the situation to make things better for the patient as well as the caregiver.
The relationship she had with Ed, her life partner, was shared with us and we soon came to realize that this was a very loving relationship. Her commitment to him as he progressed through the different stages of Alzheimers was truly amazing. She had to change also as she learned new ways to deal with Ed.
This book could be used as a guide in dealing with dementia/Alzheimers patiens. It’s that good!!
I was given this book in ebook form in exchange for an honest review.


  by Mrs M V Watson

Come Back Early Today  |  Posted: 11.07.2012
An honest account written by a partner and carer of a professor with Alzheimers. His transformation into a child-like dependency was moving and often distressing.


by Elaine C Pereira (Michigan)

Touching, Thoughtful and Tender: Come Back Early Today  |  Posted: 11.02.2012
Marie Marley captures it ALL in her beautiful memoir of endless love and commitment in Come Back Early Today. Her gift of descriptive prose immerses the reader into her world. You can feel Marie’s raw emotions, her love for her charismatic Romanian lover and friend Ed, Marie’s bewilderment and conflict as she wrestles with his bizarre and extraordinary decline. It is powerful, flawlessly written, engaging and tells a commanding story of interest to virtually anyone. Enjoy this remarkable, award winning book.


by Haley Whitehall

very touching and enlightening read  |  Posted: 10.31.2012
I wanted to read this story because I am one of the caregivers for my Grandma who has dementia. I could really relate to this story. It isn’t just a touching read, it is also a teaching tool. I recommend this book to anyone who has a friend of family member suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. This beautiful story will show you that you are not alone in your struggles. Indeed the pages are filled with a roller coaster of emotions – happiness, sadness, regret, and hope. One moment I was crying and the next minute laughing.

I only have two minor complaints. The story started a little slow and it jumped around a lot. It took me a while to get used to the author’s style. There would be an incident in present day and then mention of an incident in the past.

*I was given an ARC to review*


by charliebargain

Gripping and very Real  |  Posted: 10.30.2012
Imagine searching most of your life and finding your sole mate. You have many good years together and suddenly your mate’s personality changes and becomes almost the opposite of their previous character. The nightmare begins. But you learn that your mate has Alzheimer’s and there is some hope of eking out a few more years together as a treatment plan is put in place to help you both to cope with the illness. This is the book “Come Back Early Today” that tells such a story. It portrays the difficulty of the caregiver changing mental gears and entering the world of Alzheimer’s to help a sole mate be more at peace. It is unpretentious about the realities and difficulties you will face but a must read if you ever find yourself in a similar situation with a mate that has such a debilitating disease.


 by Lissanln25

Great read and write  |  Posted: 10.21.2012 
This book is amazing. It tells a lot of the signs that a dementia patient goes through. Dr. Marie Marley gives all of the great key points that a care giver goes through. Reading this book brought back some memories of my grandmother when she was going through her dementia state. I wish that I would have read this book before so that it could help myself and my family through the rough times that we faced. I am a director for an assisted living community and we specalize in memory care and this book would be of great help for those family members that don’t have much idea what is next. Thank you Dr. Marie for the information that you provided and thank you so much for the personal touch that you have made on so many including myself.


by Duntov

Come Back Early Today  |  Posted: 10.21.2012
This is a great story which i would highly reccomend to anyone who has a loved one who is faced with Alzheimer’s. It is a wonderful love story, filled with compassion, hope, sadness and even happiness. Excellent!


by dragonfly

A beautiful love story  |  Posted: 10.21.2012
I loved this book. Having just this year lost a loved one who suffered dementia, I could see myself in every page. a beautifully written experience that I think many are or have experienced when dealing with loved ones. I would recommend it to anyone, not just for people who are dealing with this, but for anyone who wants to read a story of lasting and true love and all that ” in sickness and in health” really means.


by Captaink

Can’t stop thinking about it  |  Posted: 10.12.2012
I don’t have experience with this horrible disease, but the book still touched me. I couldn’t put it down. Marie writes very well and the story flows together from the past and the present (and even the future -at his funeral). This is an inspiring, love story that everyone should read. Well done, Marie Marley, well done.


by readeer

great book  |  Posted: 10.10.2012
A great perspective on dementia. Kudos to the author for her bravery. I recommend this book to anyone caring for a mentally ill person.


by David

Come back early today  |  Posted: 10.07.2012
starts out a little slow but picks up quickly. This book is not only interesting but it could be rated very high in self help books. Learn how to help your self in coping in your journey of life with an ill loved on.Tears will be in order as you go.This book opens up the possibility’s of today,each today


by gypsysue

Wonderful! Superb!  |  Posted: 10.03.2012
This is truly one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s a wonderful story and one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever read. I love hearing so much of what the author was going through as she dealt with Edward’s dementia. So many people hide or cover up their own heartaches and struggles, so I’m grateful that she poured hers out.

I wish I could have met Ed. I’m sure he was r-r-really an amazing person!

To the author: I hope you’ve gone on and filled your life with as much richness and joy as you had with Ed, despite the struggles in the relationship.


by Mary A. “Grammy of 4”

…And the greatest of these are Love  |  Posted: 9.28.2012
A beautifully poinant love story from the beginning to the last page. What a perfect picture showing both sides of living with Alzheimer’s disease. Marie’s devotion to “her Ed” plumbed the very depth of what true love means. I’m happy that Ed & Marie had the means to provide the very best care for his final years. It made me think of all the couples I know who do not have this advantage, yet they do the best they can because they love. This is a hightly recommended read.


by C. Tyler

Wonderful Love Story  |  Posted: 9.24.2012
This author is an amazing lady. Her story is filled with love and sadness and joy. It is a wonderful read about the highs and lows a person can survive. She is just so strong to have gone through it all, but it is a story that makes one wonder if they could have done it so well. She made me realize that looking for the positive in each step, a person can survive and thrive. The aftermath of the story is as amazing as the beginning so it is well worth the read. It gives hope. What more can we ask of any author?


by Greyhound Mom

Must Read  |  Posted: 09.22.2012
Every care giver should read this. The reader can feel the pain. The joy. The sadness. And the love these two people shared. I cried and laughed throughout the book.


by Craig Thomas

Magnificent  |  Posted: 09.21.2012
Once I started, there was absolutely no way to stop reading this book until its final page. The house is a mess and I don’t care. Brava.


by Helen Kay Brown “Kay”

Must Read  |  Posted: 03.20.2012
I’ve had 2 Grandmas with this n 3 Great Aunts (so far) this book is a Must read if you r dealing Alzheimer’s!!


by CJ Kotek

A Must Read  |  Posted: 09.07.2012
Not finished reading it yet. But a must read for anyone with an aging parent or loved one. This book gives a well written insight to what to expect with Alzheimer’s.


by Carole Larkin, MA, CMC, CAEd, QDCS, EICS

From a professional  |  Posted: 06.20.2012
I am a geriatric care manager who helps families every day deal with their loved ones who have a dementia. I have been sent a number of memoirs to “review” which I mostly choose not to do, because I tend to find them repetitive and not engrossing. Quite the contrary with Marie Marley’s tome “Come Back early Today”. I had a hard time putting it down. Rare is the book that is able to tell a tale that pulls the reader in emotionally, while still being truthful to the biologic realities of these diseases. Marie has been able to accomplish this. Marie writes about the most difficult portion of the disease, the last stage, with honesty and grace. I applaud Marie for doing so. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves great writing and who values honesty when it comes to dealing with the diseases of dementia.


by Paula

Delightful and Instructive  |  Posted: 03.22.2012
When you are dealing with the loss of a loved one over a long period of time, it is such an isolating experience. I often feel as if I am the only one who has gone through this, although I, of course, know better. Reading Come Back Early Today was a reminder that I am not alone. It provided an extremely beneficial perspective check along with great ideas for managing some physical and emotional needs of both the person experiencing the disease as well as the caregiver. I feel like I have made two new friends in Edward and Marie. I was promised I would both laugh and cry – and the book delivered. Touching and filled with humor – the best medicine!


by John H. MacDonald

More than a memoir; some concrete suggestions for caregivers  |  Posted: 03.17.2012
This book is not only a warm, funny, human story of an Alzheimer’s victim, but also provides some concrete rules and actions that can make your role as a caregiver a little easier on yourself. Ed is a wonderful figure even when in distress, and reminds us that a sense of humor is not forbidden in caring for a loved one. This book is helpful in ways that many more academic tomes are not. Please give it a try, and please go easy on yourself…it is a lonely road but it does have an end.


by G. Miller

Story told with courage and forthright honest  |  Posted: 02.29.2012
Come Back Early Today is a touching story told with courage and forthright honesty. Dr. Marley’s memoir describes with sorrow, joy, humor, and love her journey through her best friend’s dementia. She describes her tireless attempts of connecting with the love of her life as the dementia worsens. Just ask she finds some sort of routine with one stage, an unexpected change comes her way. Her candor is both inspirational and motivational. While there sadness and frustration, overall there is a sense of hope and ultimately of peace. This book is a “must read” for anyone who is a caregiver or close to someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia.


by Sally

True Love and Insight  |  Posted: 02.18.2012
A beautiful story of True Love; Insight into the phases of Alzheimer’s. I was drawn to this story out of heart-wrenching curiosity about Alzheimer’s and it offered so much more than I expected. It not only shares a life and love story between two people but also gives you a great understanding of how Alzheimer’s comes about, sometimes slowly and unrecognized, and how you learn to cope with the mental loss of that special person.


by Amy

Inspiring and encouraging  |  Posted: 12.29.2011
Walk with Marie Marley as she leads you through the challenges and emotions that confront a caregiver as their loved one slowly fades. The story of Dr. Edward Theodoru, as told by his long-time companion, paints the story of a brilliant and eccentric man caught in the grip of Alzheimer’s and how it is possible to find joy and hold on to love, even to the end.


by Marsha

Come Back Early Today – Help and Hope  |  Posted: 11.15.2011
To watch someone slipping into the world of Alzheimer’s is like watching a car roll down a hill with no driver. Marie Marley’s words in Come Back Early Today made me realize that I am the driver! It is my opportunity to guide my husband safely through this journey, and when I don’t think I can do it, I have Dr. Marley’s example to remind me that I CAN! Thank you so very much!


by Karen Brenner (Chicago)

A Very Honest Story  |  Posted: 11.12.2011
Come Back Early Today is a very honest account of a long lived friendship that survived many ups and downs, and finally survived the Alzheimer’s journey. Dr. Marley helps readers understand that their doubts, guilt and questions are all appropriate and necessary when caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Tom & Karen Brenner


by Midwest Book Review

A sad yet touching tale, highly recommended  |  Posted: 11.03.2011
The loss of a mind is terrifying. “Come Back Early Today: A Memoir of Love, Alzheimer’s and Joy” is a memoir from Marie Marley as she recounts her tragedy of coming to terms with the degradation of Ed, whose mind was slipping away as time went on. Telling her story of the pain of seeing it happen, of watching a man lose his life while still alive, “Come Back Early Today” is a sad yet touching tale, highly recommended.


by Admiring Reader from Kansas

Heartwarming, Inspirational Story  |  Posted: 10.31.2011
I just loved this book and anyone who has been touched by Alzheimer’s should read it. It’s a great book and would be a great movie! It is very well written. It made me laugh several times – especially when Ed returned used items to the store. I’ve worked in retail and have dealt with customers like Ed!

It also made me cry. I cried a lot. I could just feel the love in the pages. I was impressed by how the author compromised to get along. It was sad to see how she had to cope with him going from being a brilliant professor to not knowing what a banana was. It was to see how it went from what she thought was just a little forgetfulness to full-fledged Alzheimer’s.

I was most impressed with the author’s honesty. Anyone who’s experienced Alzheimer’s could relate to the love in this book. People currently in this situation could find inspiration to go on and keep fighting. I found great strength in this story.


by Reader from Ohio

Loved the story!  |  Posted: 10.10.2011
I don’t read many books, but I was given this one by my daughter. She said I might relate to it because of the bits about Alzheimer’s. I was not looking forward to reliving that. But I decided to read it because my daughter wanted me to. It wasn’t a boring how-to book. It was easy to read because it was written like a love story.

The parts about taking care of loved ones with Alzheimer’s were so helpful. I wish I had understood all those things 10 years ago when I took care of my mom! We wouldn’t have argued so much all the time. I had always wanted her to know what was really happening. I wish now I had just enjoyed being with her wherever and whenever she was. The part that affected me the most was when Marie’s mom died (not from Alzheimer’s). I cried and cried. I guess since it was her mom it reminded me of my mom.

I just loved all the little stories and the wonderful people. Marie was delightful and inspiring. And the people in her stories are so real and interesting! When reading about the violinist playing for Ed, I could hear the music and see Ed wanting to dance!

Mostly I laughed a lot. I laughed when Ed did and said funny things, especially in his Romanian accent. For example, when he asked the drug store clerk if he had any “hang-overs”. Ed is just so cute! I wish I had met him. The way Marie and Ed loved each other was amazing!!


by Bradley Sanchez Houseton

It touched me in a way I never expected.  |  Posted: 10.02.2011
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began reading Marie Marley’s memoir. I don’t know anyone with Alzheimer’s or anyone who has been in the role of a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s. But this story not only touched me because of the journey Ed & Marie had traveled for over 30 years, but also because it illustrated a whole world that is foreign to me and that I know nothing about. It broke my heart and it gave me inspiration, all at the same time.

I’ve always planned to be the caregiver for my parents, whenever that time comes, whether it be that they need the help because of age and frailty, or because one/both may acquire a chronic disease. But I’ve never really thought much about what that entails and how I really need to be prepared for how my parents will change and how my role as the caregiver could be very stressful for me.  Come Back Early Today is truly a love story, but also an inspirational guide for caregivers that everyone should read!!


by Amy Friedland

Love, Devotion and the Human Spirit  |  Posted: 09.31.2011
This is the first time I have ever written a book review. Considering the amount of books I have read over the years, that means I was really moved and affected by what Dr. Marley shared concerning her relationship. . .

Dr. Marley is an exceptional woman. Hearing her story unfold would make some call her a saint. Her love for this international man goes beyond the bounds of human endurance. How can any of us know the depth of commitment she felt towards Ed in order to watch such a brilliant mind become childlike? The fact that she stayed with him and made sure he was taken care of shows the amount of love and affection that many couples never find.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who ever has these issues in their future of just wants to know first-hand how strong the power of love can be. My review may not be what you will come away with. However, this I guarantee – you will never look at love, devotion or the human spirit the same way again.


Reviewed by Janet J for Readers Favorite

Moving account of love and loyalty  |  Posted: 09.15.2011
Brilliant, eccentric, and charming are just a few words that begin to describe Romanian immigrant and educator Dr. Edward Theodoru, Ph. D., otherwise known as Ed, the man author Marie Marley calls her best friend and the love of her life. . .

Come Back Early Today chronicles Ed’s gradual descent into dementia, accompanied by Marie’s denial and growing agony as she tries to assist him in everyday matters, which become far more serious, demanding and long-term as his condition worsens. Eventually she convinces him to move to a care facility where he is treated with compassion and skill by the exceptional professionals on staff.

Chapter One begins: “A Rude Awakening” and we are plunged immediately into Ed’s increasingly erratic behavior; This time he’s been driving on the wrong side of the road. Eventually he will forget what a kitchen is. Ed’s behavior patterns will resonate with any one of the fifteen million Americans who are providing care to an individual whose mind is being slowly eroded by the insidious progression of Alzheimer’s. . .

Come Back Early Today is a truly moving account of love and loyalty, and it also provides highly insightful information for caregivers. I recommend this book as a lovely memoir, and also as a guide for anyone dealing with this cruel disease. Above all, it is a tribute to a remarkable and unforgettable man, who still knew and expressed joy even on the last day of his life.


by Mary Theobald (Raymore, MO)

Both a comfort and a source of new ideas  |  Posted: 09.04.2011
This is actually the first time I’ve read a memoir. Before reading this, I’d read lots of articles and books with facts on Alzheimer’s. None had any real answers for me or my Mom who is experiencing a fairly rapid decline due to this disease. My expectations were low when I picked up “Come Back Early Today.” After all, there are no answers. Alzheimer’s is, ultimately, incurable.

While this book obviously didn’t offer an “answer” to Alzheimer’s, it did provide practical tips on creating a better experience for Alzheimer’s patients. Finally! Something I could do. The book also offered me insight into emotions others experience when watching a loved one’s cognitive decline. Those insights left me feeling a little less alone, a little less guilty, and just a little bit hopeful that there are still ways to connect with my Mother.


by Reading Again

Connecting with our Loved Ones  |  Posted: 08.01.2011
Dr. Marie Marley has done something remarkable. She weaves an exciting story of hope around a serious, often terrible topic. I enjoyed reading it purely for the love story and for the page-turning fiction-style writing. But as someone who has been a caregiver and as someone who has had to care for a caregiver of an Alzheimer’s patient, this book was enlightening. Several times I felt “ah-ha” moments come over me. I had to set the book down while processing a personal memory in the light of this new feeling, new information, new emotional insight. I wish I could have shared this book with my mother when she was taking care of her mother. It might have given my mother some peace and eased things between the two of them. If Dr. Marley’s book, Come Back Early Today, were read by all families of Alzheimer’s patients and by all professional caregivers, then as a whole community we might see great improvements in the health and well-being of both Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers. Finally, may I just say, I love Ed. What a remarkable character!


by Emily Mosher

Enjoyed it  |  Posted: 08.02.2011
I wasn’t really expecting to laugh at a book about Alzheimer’s, but the book is frequently hilarious. Most of the humor stems from the brilliant and eccentric main character, Ed. Of course, his intelligence and personality make it all the sadder as he succumbs to dementia.

Though the book is often intense and doesn’t sugar-coat the reality of Alzheimer’s, the story is hopeful and really about the triumph of love in the face of this disease. This is a good book for caregivers to read and also anyone who wants to understand both the requirements and the rewards of lifelong love.


by Margorie Rentz, Cincinnati, Ohio

Hope  |  Posted: 08.19.2011
As previous reviewers have noted – this is not just a book about caregiving. It is a beautiful love story that can be as funny as it is heartbreaking. Dr. Marley makes Ed come alive for the reader. He is strong, opinionated, and fiercely intelligent. He is also a gentleman to the end. Dr. Marley shares her struggles addressing and coping with Ed’s dementia and in her story, one will find wonderful insight into this disease and how to care for a person with dementia.


by Jean from Delaware

Come Back Early Today is inspirational  |  Posted: 08.23.2011
Marie Marley’s “Come Back Early Today” exemplifies the struggles involved in identifying and accepting cognitive decline in a loved one with dementia and coming to grips with the need to place someone in a long-term care facility.

Marley’s story looks back over three decades of her relationship with a remarkable, eccentric and always charming Romanian professor. Before dementia disrupted his life and hers, he had been a rock of support and endlessly knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects. Accepting his loss of abilities and the loss of their former relationship was a long process. Marley vividly describes her denial, anxiety and guilt, being honest about how painful it was while also managing to use humor and a positive attitude to get through the difficult days.

The book is delightful and inspirational, revealing ways to relate despite the inevitable cognitive decline. It will help many others facing similar challenges, giving suggestions on coping while assuring us that love can endure despite the obstacles inherent in Alzheimer’s disease. I found “Come Back Early Today” to be honest, realistic, and engrossing from the first page to the last.


by LEF

Joy and Alzheimer’s  |  Posted: 08.07.2011
Dr. Marley has written a beautiful love story filled with laughter, love and what a true friendship is. My wish is to be lucky enough to have someone like Marie at the end of my life that would care so much for me, like she did for her friend Ed. She spent so much of her life dedicated to Ed, making sure that every step along the way he knew he was loved, respected and experienced joy and laughter as Alzheimer’s slowly took him away. From the moment I began reading the book, I laughed, cried and in the end I came to highly respect Dr. Marley for her unconditional love, dedication and respect for Ed. This story shows us all a beautiful example of what we should strive for when taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s and to hope that someone as lovely as Dr. Marley will be there when we may get the same diagnosis. Come Back Early Today is engaging, funny and a beautiful tribute to Ed Theodore. Thank you, Dr. Marley, I really loved getting to share in your beautiful story. Lori Foley, Director, Strategic Partnerships, American Academy of Family Physicians.


by Lenexamimi

A Fascinating Story about Friendship, Love and Hope  |  Posted: 08.11.2011
I never expected to be so intrigued by this beautiful story about Alzheimer’s that I would even think about writing a review. The story is so much more than just a primer on dementia. It is a compelling and delightful memoir about love, friendship, and devotion that transcend the disease. It humorously, affectionately, and sometimes painfully recounts the author’s numerous and unexpected challenges that she faced as she watched her life partner slowly become lost in his dementia. The story will make you laugh out loud, weep unexpectedly, and even feel a deep sense of comfort in knowing that some of our most difficult personal challenges can also produce such rich rewards!


by Ann McHugh, DVM

Poignant, Inspirational and Informative  |  07.28.2011
This book is a must read for caregivers of dementia patients! It provides great insight into the difficult path that Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers must face, and it is intertwined with a beautiful love story. It made me laugh and it made me cry, all at the same time! I watched my mother descend into a similar journey with dementia, and I wish my family and I had read it while she was alive. It gave me a deeper understanding of my feelings, and the frustrations that my mother faced daily, as her mind simply deteriorated, seemingly before our eyes. It also put my mind at ease, in some ways. I realized that, although these patients fret and worry a great deal, they are also capable of feeling joy. Marie Marley found a way to celebrate the joys of life, at any level of coherence, and capitalize on those moments. She found a way to improve the quality of her loved one’s life through those moments.

This book is informative and very supportive for caregivers. . .  I feel more at peace after reading this book. I realize that . . . the struggles we face as caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s are OUR struggles. The patient truly lives moment to moment. I can’t recommend this book enough.



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