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A Walk on the Light Side of Alzheimer’s Caregiving

Alzheimer’s disease is a deadly serious topic, and deservedly so. But sometimes laughter is the best medicine. So I’m going to share two amusing stories about Ed. He also found them funny and we both had a good laugh!

An Alzheimer’s Sneaky Thief

 After finishing each meal at the Alois Alzheimer Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ed would always wrap the spoon in a napkin, put it in the breast pocket of his sport coat and take it back to his room.

Pretty soon his room would have spoons all over the place so the staff would go get them and return them to the kitchen. But sure enough, the next day he would start a new collection.

I often sat with him when he was eating and had observed this behavior many times. Finally, one day when he started his cleaning ritual I said to him, “Don’t take those spoons, Ed. They don’t belong to you. They belong to the facility.”

“Oh, no!” he said, loudly enough for everyone to hear. “I take them every day with no remorse!”

The Lee-tle Pee-lows

Spoons weren’t the only thing Ed pilfered from the facility. They had sofas in the lobby that had little designer pillows on them. For some reason Ed was drawn to those little pillows (or ‘pee-lows’ as he pronounced it) and took them back to his room, too.

The staff would go to his room periodically, retrieve all the little pillows and return them to the sofas. And just as with the spoons, he would begin stealing them all over again the very next day.

One day I said to him, “You really enjoy stealing your spoons, don’t you?”

Ed got a sly grin on his face.

“It isn’t just the spoons I steal,” he said proudly in his thick Romanian accent. “I also r-r-really love to take those ‘lee-tle pee-lows’!”

He began laughing and so did I. And – you guessed it – he kept right on stealing the spoons AND the ‘pee-lows’!

I invite all of you to share your own precious amusing stories.

For more humorous stories about Ed, as well as numerous serious stories, read Come Back Early Today:  A Memoir of Love, Alzheimer’s and Joy (available on Amazon) or visit my website, which has a wealth of information for Alzheimer’s caregivers.



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