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“The Little Yellow One” Published on the Alzheimer’s Reading Room

Yesterday when I got up and logged on to my computer I discovered that a story I’d submitted to the Alzheimer’s Reading Room, one of the top blogs for Alzheimer’s caregivers, had been published that very morning. The “Little Yellow One” tells the story of a little stuffed chick I gave Ed that he loved so much and immediately named “The Little Yellow One.” Seeing his joy helped me accept the loss of my “old Ed.” In fact, this is the turning point in the book. It’s how I was finally able to accept his illness and feel his joy as my own.

If you’d like to read the story go to Then scroll way down on the right to Recent Articles and click on “The Little Yellow One.” Do any of you have similar stories? New ways of communicating? Ways of making your loved one with Alzheiemer’s joyful? Share your experiences here.

One Response to ““The Little Yellow One” Published on the Alzheimer’s Reading Room”

  1. Tina B says:

    The article was great! I love how you took a chance, and took a stuffed animal to Ed, not knowing whether he would like it, or completely reject it. Turns out he LOVED it and the other animals you took to him. What a great way to make a connection and reestablish more of your bond with him.

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