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A Valuable Resource for You: Tryn Rose Seley’s 15 Minutes of Fame

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Tryn Rose Seley’s book, 15 Minutes of Fame, is a gold mine for caregivers of people with dementia. This brief and concise 35-page book has the subtitle One Photo Does Wonders to Bring You Both Back to Solid Ground. It is full of positive, practical and uplifting advice for enriching the lives of people with Alzheimer’s.

The book’s focus is “Empowering Caregivers of Those With Alzheimer’s.” It is intended to enable professional or family caregivers to entertain, engage and build trust with people who have dementia. The proposed approach is to share personal and meaningful stories, photos, songs and other materials with the person for at least 15 minutes per day.

According to Tryn Rose, “This improves daily mood, energy and hope for you and the one you care for. The ideas in the book,” she continues, “turn a stressful or ordinary day into an extraordinary one, sparking creativity and gratitude on this path of caregiving.”

The book contains numerous examples from the author’s experience as a caregiver. These illustrate how easy it is to implement the ideas advanced in the book.

Ms. Seley says it’s also important to leave stories and other materials in the person’s room (either at home or in a long-term care community) so that other caregivers or visitors can see and share them with the person. In this way a “circle of care” can be developed.

In conclusion, this is a wonderful, inspirational, and motivating book with clear and easy to follow strategies for transforming the days of people with dementia (or other special needs for that matter).

The book is available in Kindle format on If you prefer a PDF, you may download it on the author’s website.

Note: Tryn Rose Seley is a professional caregiver, photographer, and a sought-after musician who makes presentations and offers workshops on various aspects of dementia for interested communities and organizations. You can email her at and follow her on Twitter: @TrynRose.