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Alzheimer’s Caregivers: How Friends and Family Can Help You

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

How Family Members & Friends Can Help Reduce Our Stress

So often our family members and friends don’t know what they could do to help relieve our caregiver stress.  Sometimes even we don’t know. And even if we do have some concrete ideas, we’re often hesitant to ask for help.

Can you think of some things other people could do that would help relieve your stress? Would you be willing to ask for that help?

Here are just a few things others can do:

  •  Stay with your loved one for a few hours on a regular basis so you can have time to yourself to go to a movie, browse in a bookstore, or do whatever else relaxes you
  • Listen to you and try to understand
  • Ask you what they can do to help and then do it
  • Perform some routine household chores for you
  • Do some outside errands for you
  • Check in with you regularly and ask how you are
  • Take your loved one to doctor’s appointments
  • Take your loved one out for a long drive occasionally to give you some alone time
  • Visit local nursing homes and/or assisted living facilities and do research on them (if you’re looking for a facility for your loved one)

What else can you think of that others can do to help relieve your stress? Are there other strategies you personally have found helpful?