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Come Back Early Today Wins a Fourth Award!

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Come Back Early Today has just won a fourth award. It is a finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards, for independently published books. This award is added to the list of three other awards: The Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Awards, The Eric Hoffer Awards (for first-time authors), and the Peoples Choice awards.

When I wrote the book I didn’t expect to win anything, so this is very gratifying!


Come Back Early Today Is a Finalist in Still Another Competition

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

I just found out that Come Back Early Today has been named a finalist in the Readers Favorite Awards. Final winners will be announced at the beginning of September. This makes a total of five “finalist” and “honorable mentions” for the book.

It was a finalist for the Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Awards and the Eric Hoffer First Horizon Awards (for new authors). Then two stories from the book were given honorable mention in the 2012 Writers-Editors Network International Competition. The first story was “The Little Yellow One,” about me giving Ed the little chick and so many other stuffed animals. The second story was “Please Wear a Tux,” about the violinist I had come play a special concert in his room at the nursing home.

Cross your fingers. I have a good feeling that I may just win the Readers Favorites Award in the memoir category!