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“Silly Saturdays:” The ‘Beep’ Game

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Alzheimer’s is a deadly serious topic, but sometimes laughter is the best medicine. So I’ll make a “Silly Saturdays” post weekly with some amusing story about Ed, giving us a chance to smile in the  midst of our somber life situation.

This Saturday’s story is about a silly little game I played with Ed when he was at the Alois Alzheimer Center:

 I rushed into the Alois Center dripping wet. It was raining so hard I got soaked just coming in from the parking spot
closest to the door. I found Ed in his room trying to read the newspaper.

Before leaving my house that day I’d concocted a splendid game to play with my little boy. I started the visit by  handing him one of his myriad stuffed animals, an act that always made him smile. I reviewed his growing collection and selected Adorable for the purpose.

“Oh!” he said, his face shining as he stretched out his arms to take Adorable. “Oh! The little one!  I love him so  much.”

He put Adorable to his face and kissed him. And, as always, it was as though it was the first time he’d ever seen Adorable.

Suddenly I pressed Adorable’s nose and said “beep” at the same instant. Just as I’d hoped, Ed thought Adorable said  “beep.”  He looked at me and his eyes widened as he marveled at the bunny’s new ability. Then he pressed on the bunny’s nose and I went “beep” again. He laughed, pressed the button repeatedly, and I went “beep” each time.

He laughed more, then turned to me and said, his voice full of wonder, “Listen what he does, Kitty.”

He pushed Adorable’s nose and I said “beep.”

“No, Kitty,” I said, laughing, deciding to reveal the secret. “I’m saying “beep” – not Adorable.”

“Oh!” he said. “You are wonderful. You are great. You are superb to make this “beep” just when the bunny’s nose I press.”

He then exclaimed loudly and emphatically, “You could ask a hundred people and they would all say you are  magnificent.”

He then repeated that sentence verbatim.

Next he tried to trick me. He pushed the bunny’s nose several times in a row very fast. I managed to keep up, saying “beep” each time. Then he suddenly slowed down, still trying to fool me. He is really alert today. Then he picked up The Little Yellow One and we played the same game with him. Ed kept praising me for being ‘so magnificent’. We giggled like a mother and her two-year-old playing together. It was fun.  As I was leaving he asked when I was coming back.

“Soon,” I said.

“Oh! Kitty. I’m so happy when you come back soon!”