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How to Restore Peace and Harmony to Your Relationship

A lot of people have suffered from negative changes in their loved one with Alzheimer’s. Sometimes the person’s personality changes for the worse and bad arguments can become the norm. There are three approaches I used that usually resulting in avoiding an argument in the first place.

1. Agree with your loved one – even if they say something ridiculous. It’s better to have peace than to be right.

2. Don’t even bring up subjects you think may upset them.

3. If they do get upset change the subject abruptly. They will most likely forget about whatever they were upset about.

These approaches worked for me. That doesn’t mean they will work for everyone, but you may want to try them. Does anyone else have other possible solutions?

2 Responses to “How to Restore Peace and Harmony to Your Relationship”

  1. Charles Kip says:

    Also good advice…. Thanks, Marie! I look forward to reading your book. -Chuck

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  2. Marie from Canada says:

    I find if an argument starts to get a little stronger … I just walk up to my love one .. say his name .. then simply ask for a hug .. a big hug! .. I find this to work many times .. that way we both get the hug needed! .. 🙂😊🌷

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