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Nursing Home Placement Can Be the Most Loving Choice

No one wants to live or place a loved one in a long-term care facility, but sometimes it’s the most loving choice. This is especially true for Alzheimer’s patients in the mid- to late-stages of the disease. They need so much more care than any one person can provide at home, even with people coming in to help.

Does anyone want to share their experiences with placing a loved one in a nursing facility? What was it like for you?

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One Response to “Nursing Home Placement Can Be the Most Loving Choice”

  1. Rebecca Wheelersburg from Portsmouth Ohio says:

    Its been six months since we placed my father in a nursing facility.I had taken care of him for the previous 5 years through his decline. I took care of him, one sister took care of the money and one sister took care of arranging medical appointments. We found community resources to help keep him at home. Because my dad had worked hard and saved for retirement and invested well he had money but did not quailfy for any help. I found a adult day care that took great care of him while I worked and eventually we had to hire someone to help a few evenings a week while I worked. In the last few months at home, he would become so anxious with all the transitioning from home to daycare , to home and different caregivers it interfered with his sleeping patterns and mine. Before we found a placement he was on anxiety medication from noon till sleeping medication time. The medication interfered with the “memory meds” and he declined more quickly. Within 30 days of the placement in the Dementia unit, he was off the anxiety meds and rarely used the sleeping meds. He is calmer and in a routine that fits his needs. But even though I had worked with a therapist to decided when I would not be able to care for him at home which was 12 months before the placement. When the time came and to this day I still get upset. I still feel a bit guilty about being the one to decide when he went. My sisters supported me but they said when you feel you can’t do it any longer we’ll find a place for him. I know in my head it was best for him, but in my heart it still feels like it wasn’t enough, mostly only on bad days.

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