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Make End-of-Life Decisions Long Before They Are Needed

It’s important for people with Alzheimer’s to have a living will, a power of attorney and a durable power of attorney for health care. If they don’t these documents should be prepared early in the course of the illness when the person is still mentally competent to make such decisions.

When people with Alzheimer’s have not executed advance directives and are unable to make end-of-life healthcare decisions on their own, the caregiver will need to make the decisions for them. These include several different issues over time, such as the use of CPR, antibiotics, hospitalization, a ventilator, use of a feeding tube and, ultimately, engaging hospice care services.

For detailed information about each of these issues see my Huffington Post article, “Make Alzheimer’s End-of-Life Decisions Long Before They Are Needed.”

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4 Responses to “Make End-of-Life Decisions Long Before They Are Needed”

  1. Betty J. from Covington KY says:

    For me this was like the chicken and the egg. When mom was still alert enough to make a power of attorney she refused to do it. Now she says she wants to do it but she has dementia and no document she would make would be legally binding.

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  2. Nick R from Toledo says:

    Everyone should make advance directives when they are young. You never know what’s going to happen. Even young people can need them for example if they are in a serious accident or something like that. I had mine made up when I was only 30.

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  3. Marsha from Branson says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

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  4. John williamson from Maine says:

    It’s very important to have advance directives plus a will and all the other legal stuff done. You never know when tragedy may strike. My dad has Alzheimer’s and he had all the needed documents in place. That was a blessing when my sister and I had to take over.

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