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Alzheimer’s Patient Reviews A Story From My Book

I mentioned a few days ago that a story from my book – “The Little Yellow One” – was published on the Alzheimer’s Reading Room ( One of the people who commented on the story was a 73-year-old retired lawyer who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2006. I would like to share his comments on the story with you:

“Marie’s story struck every chord of my heart. From her compassion to Ed’s glee, it is ever so touching. Understanding Dementia from the outside has to be terribly difficult. It is hard enough for those of us who have it. Those loving caretaker’s who commit themselves to us it is a terrible and difficult adjustment.

All they have is the Dementia staring right at them, the difficulty inherent in that, and the stark memory of what was and is not any longer.

One of the thrums on my hearty string is the wonderful way you Ms. Marley are able to accept the degree you haven’t been able to accept it and the dedication you continue to maintain towards Ed. That, coupled with your willingness to “Demean” your concept of Ed to buying and bringing him “The Little Yellow One” speaks loudly of your love for Ed. It also sounds out the order in which you place him, viz: number one in priority.

It also speaks eloquently of your ascent on your stairway of acceptance to a reality over which you have no other choice. Bless you!”

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  1. Michael Chrisman says:

    I don’t know — or don’t think I know — anyone affected by Alzheimber’s but I am doing some research for a paper and found your website through a series of Google searches. I am very much enjoying your blog posts. This one in particular… the response you got from someone who, himself, has the disease… thanks for sharing. -MC

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