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Alzheimer’s Caregivers: The Staggering Financial Value of Your Services

Caregivers Everywhere: The financial value of your service has been estimated, and the numbers are shocking.

All Caregivers: In 2009, family caregivers for loved ones (with all medical conditions) provided care valued at $450 billion. That’s more than the total sales of some of the world’s largest companies, including Wal-Mart’s $408 billion. It’s also more than the $439 billion in combined sales of Toyota, Ford and Daimler. (

Alzheimer’s Caregivers:
In 2010, 14.9 million family members and friends provided 17 billion hours of unpaid care to the 5.4 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The total economic value of these dedicated caregivers’ services exceeded $200 billion. (

Despite these numbers, however, the emotional, social and societal value of your work is inestimable by any measure.

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One Response to “Alzheimer’s Caregivers: The Staggering Financial Value of Your Services”

  1. Donna from Topeka, KS says:

    Yes, that’s a staggering amount of money. It would be nice if we could be paid for one tenth of the time we spend OR if we could afford to pay someone to help us. My sister lives in town but never lifts a finger to help me take care of mom.

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