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Alzheimer’s Caregiver Resource: The Journey of a Lifetime by Jane Meier Hamilton

BOOK REVIEW. The Journey of a Lifetime: The Caregiver’s Guide to Self-Care, By Jane Meier Hamilton, MSN, RN. Infinity. 2010. 129 pages. Available on

Ms. Hamilton has been a psychiatric nurse for 35 years and a family caregiver for 20 years. For 8 of those years she cared for her mother, who had Alzheimer’s. She also founded a company called Partners on the Path (

Many helpful caregiver resources are included in this book. Each chapter presents: 1) A story from the author’s Alzheimer’s caregiving experience, 2) Practical self-care recommendations, 3) Suggested self-care activities, 4) Other caregiver resources, and 5) Inspiring quotes from authors, philosophers, and others. The book also includes questionnaires to help readers assess their caregiving experiences.

The nice things about this book are that it’s short, easy to read, and to the point. Also, it focuses on down-to-earth, practical strategies caregivers can immediately put into practice. This makes it a valuable resource for those who don’t have time to read long, complicated self-care manuals. I highly recommend this book to you.

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3 Responses to “Alzheimer’s Caregiver Resource: The Journey of a Lifetime by Jane Meier Hamilton”

  1. Jim Herman from Cleveland says:

    Marie, I am going to get this book. I certainly need all the advice I can get!

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  2. Liz Collins says:

    Actually, I already have this book. It was helpful but it’s hard to put into practice all her suggestions while taking all the time it takes to care for my mother.

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  3. Dotty Smith says:

    This sounds like a good book. I’m going to get it for my mother, who is taking care of her mother who has had Alzheimer’s for 3 years now.

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