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Finalist in the Santa Fe Writer's Project Literary Awards, Eric Hoffer First Horizon Awards, Reader's Favorite Awards and Indie Excellence Awards

Mission Statement

In addition to relating a remarkable thirty-year love story, I have two goals associated with writing this book. The first is to show readers who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s that there can be hope, and at times even joy, in the midst of the darkness of dementia. I believe I have achieved this goal through my narration of how Ed and I found new and mutually meaningful ways to communicate, interact, and express our feelings. In addition, I have illustrated this by describing in detail several special visits that brought joy to us both.

The second goal is to demonstrate that psychotropic medications may be of significant benefit to dementia patients. In the past such medicines were sometimes to sedate patients and often turned them into zombies. Today, however, these types of medications can be used to improve patients’ quality of life – by treating depression or obsessive-compulsive behavior, for example – without necessarily sedating them at all. I hope to have accomplished this goal through recounting the major changes that took place in Ed’s mood, functioning, and overall quality of life after he began taking psychotropic medications. I am not a physician and I’m not providing medical advice, but I hope that after reading this book, more caregivers of dementia patients will consider consulting a geropsychiatrist to determine whether any psychotropic medications may be of help to their loved ones.