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“Silly Saturdays:” Jan Plays for Four Hours – It’s TOO Long!

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Blog Post (10.01.11)

Alzheimer’s is a deadly serious topic, but sometimes laughter is the best medicine. So I’ll make a “Silly Saturdays” post weekly with some amusing story about Ed, giving us a chance to smile in the midst of our somber life situation. Please send me your own “silly” stories and I’ll post them, too.

As I entered the Alois Center to visit Ed one day it was sing-along time, so I walked toward the dining room. When I arrived sure enough, there was Jan, one of the activities department staff people, at the piano, arms flailing and fingers flying across the keys.

I walked over and sat down beside Ed to keep him company. He looked up, smiled cheerfully, and told me how beautiful I was. He smiled and turned his full attention back to Jan. If she weren’t playing the piano, I was sure he’d be telling her how beautiful she was.

“She’s the most talented piano player in America,” he told me. “She is very famous. Everyone knows her. It is an honor to hear her play. But when she plays, she plays without stopping for four hours. R-r-really. I mean it. She plays for four hours! It’s too long!” Then he repeated himself. “Too long!

I decided I’d tell Jan about that the next time I saw her. I was sure we’d both have a good laugh!